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South Hill neighborhood fighting to keep developer out

Published On: Jun 06 2013 02:07:02 AM CDT
SPOKANE, Wash. -

A developer has the green light to move forward with controversial plans to build dense modern homes on Spokane's South Hill.

On Wednesday, the City of Spokane Hearing Examiner upheld the planning department's decision to classify 2607 S. Denver as three lots instead of one, as neighbors have argued.

For decades, a single home occupied the land now up for debate.  But, that home was torn down earlier this year to make way for a new development.  According to Brian McGinn, hearing examiner, the deed to the land describes the property as three lots, even though it hasn't been used that way for decades. 

McGinn took a look at the issue after Greer and Rodney Bacon filed a suit against the city and developer asking for a public comment period and more thoughtful approach be taken.

"We believe this is one lot when the neighborhood was originally platted in 1907, the whole area was platted for fifty foot lots," Greer Bacon said.

"But when the neighborhood actually started to develop that plat was in effect abandoned and people opted for larger lots," she added.

Bacon said she isn't against the modern architecture, she just wants a chance to weigh in on the issue.

"I don't think any party should be able to go into a neighborhood and unilaterally and irrevocably change its character.  I think more input is required," Bacon said.

Tami Mohr lives around the corner from the proposed development and said she's most concerned about the density of the project.

"I'm not against development, I'm against this development here," Tami Mohr said.

"Like I said take these plans and stick them somewhere where's there is nothing and other modern development.  But in the middle of a neighborhood of homes that have been here 50-60 years surrounded by green and trees?  It's just an inappropriate use of the land," she added.

Neighbors said they plan to appeal the city's decision. 

In an email to KXLY, Parsons Construction added they look forward to working and living in the neighborhood. 

To read the full examiner's report click here.