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Tips to keep your heart going pitter-pat

Published On: Feb 20 2013 08:51:15 PM CST
WSU instructor Kevin Dolan

WSU nutrition and exercise physiology instructor Kevin Dolan

SPOKANE, Wash. -

Nearly a million Americans will have heart attacks this year and nearly half of those are repeat attacks. With February being Heart Health month, here's some tips to get you headed down the right path.

An international cook-off is happening right now at Washington State University's Riverside campus. It features affordable and easy ways to prepare heart friendly meals as well as free health screenings. But if you can't make it Wednesday night students at the campus have a wealth of resources year round to get you eating, exercising, and living for your heart.

"It's a great community resource, the students develop there skills and they really want to coach and guide and help you reach your goals," WSU instructor Kevin Dolan said.

Dolan is a nutrition and exercise physiology instructor at WSU, says even light exercise worked in your daily routine can do a lot to improve heart health.

"Most important is just what you said, try to get it into small segments, not one big hour chunk of time, because we don't have that anymore. So if you walk your dog you end up taking the stairs, you walk as much as you can, do the physical work that you can in your yard," he said.

Simple portion control, and really evaluating what types of foods you're eating, also goes a long way.

"Fruits and vegetables are the big component and that's half. and then we would like to have a lean meat, something that doesn't have a lot of saturated fat in it and then have our grains or starch and have that balance, that's important," he added.