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Police battling rash of break-ins across Coeur d'Alene

Published On: Oct 09 2012 09:24:14 PM CDT


In an alarming spike in crime, 70 homes have been broken into in Kootenai County in the last month by burglars looking to score some quick cash.

Police say the thieves are drug addicts who are kicking in doors and heading straight for the master bedroom. .

"These are daytime kick-the-door burglaries, go through the doggie door or open garage door," Sergeant Christie Wood with the Coeur d'Alene Police Department said.

The burglars head straight for the bedroom, mostly stealing jewelry than can be melted down quickly for cash. But they've also taken prescription medication and weapons.

"We can assume they have their hands on some guns," Wood said.

One victim said they came home last week to find their front door busted; thieves had taken around $700 from the home.

It's the same break-in pattern from last year's burglary spree, though in that case the ring was busted and the eight people arrested are still behind bars, so this is a new group of people victimizing dozens across Kootenai County.

Police are very confident from busting burglars in the past that they are drug addicts, looking to find something to sell and feed their addiction.

"They've already stolen from their family, from their friends, those people have been hit. Now they are out hitting random victims," Wood said.

Wood added that she thinks the family and friends of the thieves can help identify these thieves to police and put a stop to this rash of break-ins.