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Interstate love affair starts on Xbox, ends in jail

Published On: Mar 08 2013 08:41:52 PM CST
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A teenage interstate love affair, sparked online on Xbox has now turned into a real life crime.

Police say Lillie Alvarado, 45, traveled from California a week ago, kidnapped a 14-year old girl from her Coeur d'Alene home and took the girl back to Bakersfield to be with her son.

The girl's boyfriend said he wanted her to live with him in California because he thought she was being abused. His mom is now accused of traveling 1,100 miles to make it happen.

When the FBI knocked on an apartment door in Bakersfield, the girl they came for didn't have time to grab her clothes or inhalers. Police say she had been kidnapped four days before by her boyfriend's mom. The girl met her boyfriend, Christian Alvarado, online through Xbox.

Alvarado said the girl claimed she was being abused at home and he wanted to help.

"She told me he was beating her, calling her names," he said.

Last Friday, Lillie Alvarado hopped on a train, traveled from Bakersfield to Spokane, rented a car, drove to Coeur d'Alene and then, according to police, she kidnapped the girl.

"She (my mom) didn't understand, she thought she was actually doing the right thing because first of all, she felt she was saving an innocent kid from somewhere where she didn't need to be," Christian Alvarado said.

Police say Lillie Alvarado and the girl then hopped back on a train to California.

Alvarado is now in jail, facing a felony kidnapping charge. At some point Alvarado will be extradited to Idaho to face that charge.