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Gonzaga's Tormey keeps fans in touch with the Zags

Published On: Mar 22 2013 09:02:14 PM CDT   Updated On: Mar 22 2013 09:16:02 PM CDT

As Zag fans continue to breathe a sigh of relief after Thursday's close shave with Southern, Gonzaga's Pete Tormey is busy cranking out stories to help fans in Spokane connect with the team in Salt Lake City.

"Little scary, but they pulled it off, and hopefully we'll keep going through the dance," Gonzaga alum Paul Vogelheim said.

"I'm always nervous, every game, but I have a lot of faith in this team," Gonzaga fan Judi Rabensteiner Sposito said.

While fans are getting ready to cheer the Zags on Saturday, Gonzaga's Pete Tormey is busy writing about the team.

"They want to be here, they they're following us in their spirit and rooting us on, and we want to give them a sense of what it's like down here," Tormey said.

Gonzaga University is Tormey's subject, audience and employer. This week he's focused on informing fans the fans who aren't in Utah with the team about what's going on both on and off the court. Besides post-game wrap up stories with player interview he writes about things you don't know about the team, like for example, the "Eiffel Rifle."

While today's team has intimidating players like Przemek Karnowski and Kelly Olynyk, one of the first to dominate the court for Gonzaga was Jean-Claude Lefebvre -- aka the Eiffel Rifle -- who towered above his teammates at over seven feet tall when he played with Gonzaga back in 1957.

"Yeah, he was quite a celebrity, he had size 22 shoes and they couldn't find the right size shoes for him," Tormey said.

Tormey's filing his stories over at news.gonzaga.edu, where he's posting daily, as well as on social media sites, covering all things Gonzaga, basketball or not, to keep all of Gonzaga's community in touch with the team and everything going on down in Salt Lake City, in order to, "[g]ive people something representative of the quality of Gonzaga University as a university and as an athletic department."