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Water Main Break Closes Road, Damages Homes

Published On: Feb 17 2012 12:39:54 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 17 2012 09:54:17 AM CST
SPOKANE, Wash. -

A massive water main break in North Spokane flooded a neighborhood and caused water damage to several homes.

"There was a lot of water I think you could've canoed down Wellesley," said Lanny Bieroth, who heard the water main break from his front porch.

"I heard a pop and it sounded like something cracking," he said.

The water main broke on the corner of Wellesley and Perry just after 6 pm Thursday night.

"It was pretty amazing, the water that was rushing out," said Bieroth.

Dan Kegley, with the City of Spokane Water Department, said the water main break spilled between 100-thousand and half a million gallons of water into the streets.

Kegley said they would know exactly how much water leaked once they get a closer look at the break in the line.

At the intersection of Morton and Hoffman, pavement turned into a pond in a matter of minutes.

"It looks like three or four feet deep down at the corner," said Ken Himes from his front lawn.

Himes said he tried to warn drivers, but many of them drove through the deep water anyway.

"I've seen everything from minivans to tiny cars to try and make it through," said Himes.

Almost an hour after the break, city water crews stopped the water and started working to repair the line. Firefighters waded through the knee deep water as well to clear drains.

"One of the fire men let her park her car and helped walk her all the way home and stuff, it was really nice of the fireman to do that," said Himes.

Kegley said Wellesley from Crestline to Nevada will be closed overnight to repair the line and fix the road.

Kegley said at least two homes received water damage. He said homeowners affected by the water main break can file claims with the city for damages.

Kegley said there was a report of a water main leak in the area on Wednesday, but couldn't say if it was the same line that burst Thursday night.