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Stevens County Dog Pack Strikes Again

Published On: Sep 09 2011 02:13:54 PM CDT   Updated On: Jun 08 2011 08:21:18 AM CDT
DEER PARK, Wash. -

The pack of wild dogs terrorizing animals in southern Stevens County is getting more aggressive, having killed a 350-pound llama Tuesday night on Casberg Borroughs Road in Deer Park.

This is the same area where dogs killed a number of goats just last week.

Since the end of March there have been 15 known attacks and more than 100 animals have been killed. The pack of dogs involved is getting more and more vicious and the most recent killing of a llama has people worried about what they will do next.

"They have been hitting the Brown barn, it was their llama, down the road all the way they lost ten in one night," Temma Davis said.

Davis can point to houses all around her where animals have been killed by that vicious pack of wild dogs.

"A gal right down there in those trees she's been hit a few times," Davis said.

The killings have been hurting the livelihood of the ranchers and farmers that live in southern Stevens County. The attacks are so frequent, Temma Davis and her neighbors are worried about more than the animals.

"It's scary; I am just so worried about the kids getting off school bus and riding their bikes to friends houses down the road, I am scared for my grandma walking across the street to the mail box," Davis said.

That fear is shared by the Stevens County Sheriff's Office.

"I think they are capable of do anything at this point," Deputy Keith Cochran said.

Deputy Cochran has been trying to stop this pack of wild dogs since the first attack in late March. His biggest concern is that these dogs are killing for fun.

"We have never had a situation like this in this part of the county before," Cochran said.

"They are doing it to be cruel, they're bloodthirsty," Davis said. "It's like Cujo."

All the attacks have happened at night, but people say they are starting to see the dogs in the early morning. The Stevens County Sheriff's Office says they are now encouraging people to do what ever they need to do to safely protect their animals and their families.