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Bonners Ferry man says Barefoot Bandit deserves jail time

Published On: Sep 12 2011 02:05:07 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 16 2010 02:26:36 AM CDT

A Bonners Ferry man says that Barefoot Bandit Colton Harris-Moore deserves to go to jail for all of the crimes he committed, including stealing his plane and flying it across country from Bonners Ferry to Granite Falls last year.

Harris-Moore is expected back in the Pacific Northwest in the next few days to face federal charges for a string of 70 burglaries across eight states into Canada stealing everything from planes, boats and cars.

One of his victims is Patrick Gardiner, whose Cessna 182 the Barefoot Bandit allegedly stole from a hangar near Bonners Ferry. Gardiner says Colton jimmied open the door to his hangar and took off in his airplane last September. Authorities found the plane four days later near Granite Falls in Snohomish County.

As Colton Harris-Moore goes through the extradition process from the Bahamas to Miami and eventually back to Seattle, Patrick Gardiner says the teen serial burglar deserves to be locked up.

?I don't know why people wouldn't think he'd hurt anybody, he hurt a lot of people,? Gardiner said.

Gardiner says the damage Colton Harris-Moore did to his plane cost him $340,000. Today he?s flying a new plane to replace the one Colton damaged during his interstate joyride.

Earlier this month, a few days before his capture in the Bahamas, the FBI issued a federal warrant for Colton Harris-Moore's arrest for stealing Gardiner's plane from Bonners Ferry.